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Cross Head
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Cross Head

Sai Engineering Company manufactures Fixed Centre, Manual centre, Single layer, Multi layer (Skin layer) Stripe/Marking and custom designed Cross-Heads for various types of plastics such as PVC, PE, PP, XLPE, Nylon etc. We use Good Quality Alloy Steel to Manufacture the Cross-Heads and Guarantee a Concentricity of 0.01 mm (.0005”) in all our Cross-Heads. SEC Cross-Heads have found applications in practically all the fields like; House Wiring, Power & Control cables, Jelly Filled Telecom Cables, Optional Fiber Cables, Special Cables, Shaped/Profile Cables (Coil Cord Cables), Submersible Cables, Lift Cables, Flat Cables etc. All the SEC Cross-Heads can be adapted to virtually any Extruder. All you have to do is to tell us the center line/distance of your Extruder line. We will design & manufacture the flange to adapt to our Crossheads. All the SEC Crossheads are manufactured so as to have minimum setup & change over time, thus ensuring low bleed out of plastic and reduction in the level of wire scrap.

Features Of Cross Head:

  • Reduce scrap material by 50%
  • Reduce raw material consumption by 10%
  • Reduce set-up and changeover time by 50%
  • Increase productivity manifol
  • Cut eccentricit
  • Totally eliminate the need for a skilled operator
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